May 1, 2013

Caring Dad Plans an Elaborate Birthday Treasure Hunt for His Son (30 pics)

By on Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The booty

I just dumped a bunch of change into a dollar store box I painted silver. I also added in a $20 and a $5. I had no idea how much I put into it.

The clue

PVC pipe painted silver with end caps. The first map is rolled inside.

The hiding spot

The con

I told Brody that I dropped a loonie down the heat register and I couldn't reach it.

The find

He instantly offered to help and while reaching in, said "hey, there's something else in here!"

The first map

This is what the first map looked like. I left one street name on the map so he could google map it to figure out where the park was. I was thinking of aging the paper but as soon as he found the second clue he would know it wasn't old anyways.

The first clue said under the road so he knew it was a bridge.

Finding the second clue.

The second clue was inside another PVC pipe.
Clue 2 is an overlay for the map printed on a transparency sheet.

The dangerous bridge

X marks the spot

He seemed confused by the "buried where the rain does not fall" clue. He wandered around for a while until I said "imagine it started to rain really hard right now. Where would you stand?" Under the lean of the tree of course!

found the treasure
Clue 3

The numbers for the combination are revealed.


Yes this shot is staged but he totally gave me a super hug and said thanks so I wanted to get a shot of it after.

Counting his booty



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