Apr 3, 2013

Husband Gets the Worst Welcome Home Surprise Ever (30 pics)

By on Wednesday, April 03, 2013

When this man returned from deployment, he was greeted with a house that was left in a shocking state by his wife.
According to his neighbours, there had been a string of people, her friends, in and out of the house while he was away and the house had become a party mecca of sorts.
Neighbours also said that supposedly a stripper friend of his wife got raped in their house. But apparently his wife bailed the rapist out of the jail the next day and stayed friends with the stripper.
BTW, they don’t have children; all the kid stuff probably comes from a family who she brought from Texas to live with her. The only thing unclear is whether the family left before the house became like this or the kids lived here while it was this bad already. Anyway, just look at this mess. He will definitely be divorcing his wife now!


  1. Two words; marraige annulement.