Apr 9, 2013

Every Parent in the World Can Relate to This (33 pics)

By on Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This quirky mom shares amusing parenting moments on her personal “Reasons My Son Is Crying” tumblr.
We put this pillow behind his head so he didn’t hurt himself on the window frame.

I wouldn’t let him drink bath water.

His brother’s boots don’t fit.

I wouldn’t let him drown in this pond.
We helped him put on the boots he loves to wear.
The car seat. Always the car seat.
I closed the refrigerator door.
I asked that he not wipe his muddy shoes off on my car seats.
The milk isn’t juice.
I wouldn’t let him eat the candy he found on the diner floor.
Grandma wouldn’t let him spill his ice water all over her and the table.

I told him that forcefully cramming his toys into his brother’s face is not the same as “sharing”.

I have no idea why my son is crying.
I gave him a cup of water.
I turned the volume of The Hokey Pokey down… from “ear-splittingly loud” to only “mind-numbingly loud”.
It took me longer than 0 seconds to take his shirt off.
The slide is not slippery enough.
I didn’t show him pictures on my phone quickly enough - and yes, they were pictures of him crying.
His brother pretended to sing for one second.
We asked him to stop hitting his brother with a plastic wand.
He threw his dinner plate on the ground. He now wants to eat dinner.
We suggested that he play with a train.
I wouldn’t let him eat Buzz Lightyear’s head.
The milk was in the wrong cup.
I broke this cheese in half.
He is bad at eating yogurt.
He dumped a full cup of water on his own face.
He is in a giraffe costume.
He asked me to put butter on his rice.  I put butter on his rice.
I asked him to thank his brother for sharing Buzz Lightyear.
I played the wrong Jungle Book clip on YouTube.
Mommy isn’t here when he woke up.  This is the 80th consecutive Tuesday morning she hasn’t been here when he woke up. (Also, the milk is in the wrong cup.)
He is out of pretzel sticks.


  1. Thank you for this...there is something about sharing in another parent's misery that makes things feel "normal." Our home is EXACTLY the same. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Why I never want kids

  3. Your son seems like a little bitch..

  4. Wow. I've got three girls and thankfully they don't cry that much over trivial things like which cup the milk is served in. Honestly, does she take a photo every time this kid cries?
    Yes, kids will cry. This isn't breaking news, but can you imagine the real misery of being this poor kid? Instead of recognizing these moments as opportunities to teach her boy how to deal with his frustrations by doing something like "use his words" this "Mother" sees these moments as photo-ops. She grabs her camera and takes mocking photos of him in hopes that they become some sort of a viral success. One might question her priorities here - "15 minutes of virtual fame" vs. "Being a good parent".
    I promise you she has checked to see how many people have "Liked", "Pined", or "Shared" these photos. I only hope this kid learns what not to do through the examples his parents are setting.
    BTW, if you think these photos will be cute to share with him when he's older, let me ask you. If you're parents had an entire album dedicated to every time you cried would you think they did this because you were cute? Or, would you feel like your parents had to document the misery you brought them?
    He's clearly frustrated. HELP HIM! Please put down the phone and try giving him a mother's love.

  5. "Wow. I've got three girls and thankfully they don't cry that much over trivial things like which cup the milk is served in." ---> SAYS THE LADY WHO HAS NEVER RAISED A CHILD EVER!

  6. You photograph your son's misery? Why? Why not photograph his happiness instead?

    Your decision to capture these moments and put them on a web site for pure ridicule says more about you than it does about him. Who knows what sort of person he will become if this is your idea of being a supportive parent. What kind of parent are you?

    I have four daughters - who have grown up to be beautiful, confident, happy and independent young people. I am so proud of them all.

    They cried and we took the right action to help them no matter what the pain was to us. I would never have dreamt of publically trying to ridicule them.

    What kind of person are you? Someone who needs to think again I think!

  7. Some people shouldn't have been parents.