Jan 27, 2013

Humans Are Awesome. Enough Said (20 pic)

By on Sunday, January 27, 2013

With a little bit of practice, they can turn toast-making into a sublime artistic experience:
They can flip over the subway tracks with grace and majesty:
Jackets are not mere apparel to them — they are instruments of their art:
They didn't just stop at inventing fire — they went on to improve the medium beyond anyone's wildest dreams:
They refuse to allow themselves to be defeated by chairs:
With a little push, they can conquer any obstacle:
They see walls not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to express themselves:
They see waterskiing as the perfect time to get in their arm workouts:
And one that constantly defies logic:
Or a pair of crutches from a sick grind:
Even riding a skateboard can't stop them from breakdancing:
Note passing is not a necessity, but an art form:
And cars merely represent an opportunity to reenact that one scene from the Barenaked Ladies video for "One Week":
To them, doing a flip onto someone's palm is just par for the course:
Because sport is not merely a game, but an art:
And doing a flip in a wheelchair just a normal Wednesday:
 Because getting dressed is an extreme sport to many:

And celebrated accordingly much later:
Even moments of potential disaster can be turned around in an instant:
 And even the simplest things are amazing when you stop to think about it:


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