Aug 25, 2011

Oldest and largest ships that sail the world

By on Thursday, August 25, 2011

One of the oldest and largest ships that sail the world, which has sailed more years and has traveled more miles, soon to be 100 years of life. With 10 laps to the world in which he has visited over 68 countries and 181 different ports, passing 12 times through the Strait of Magellan, has obtained 8 Boston Tea Pot while surfing the longest distance in 124 hours continuous sailing. Spanish is the training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano, one of the most beautiful ships that exist in the world.
The Juan Sebastian de Elcano is a brigantine schooner, ship of the Spanish Armada. The first name given was "Minerva", which is also the name of their figurehead, but by royal decree of April 17, 1925 was changed to current name is "Juan Sebastian Elcano" as a tribute to the famous Spanish explorer . The ship also carries the Elcano coat of arms, placed in 1933 by the commander Moreno Fernandez in the forward bulkhead. The shield is a globe with the Latin phrase "Primus circumdedisti Me" ("You were the first to circumnavigate"), which was granted by Charles I Elcano after returning from the expedition that went around the world in 1522.

Elcano's hull was designed by the company and Larrinaga Echevarrieta of Cadiz. The figurehead "Minerva" and other sizes of the ship were made by the sculptor Federico Sáenz Bilbao Venturini and design of the candles made Nicholson English designer. The first sail was of fine linen and was charged with one of the most important British firms at the time, "Ratsey Isapthone." Respect candles were made by us out of the house Gijón. Its four masts have been baptized with the names of the four training ships who preceded him, Almansa, Asturias, White and Nautilus.

It was launched in Cadiz on March 5, 1927, with her godmother Carmen Primo de Rivera, daughter of the Prime Minister at the time, Miguel Primo de Rivera. A delivery had an auxiliary diesel engine of 800 horses, but in 1930, due to low power, the engine was replaced by another generator Mancon Pressel. The ship is equipped with two water purifiers and a deposit of 265,000 liters of diesel fuel that powers the propulsion motors and generators. The steering, although it implements its early days, with instruments and modern navigation systems. There are several systems to operate and can be handled with a manual steering rod, located in the aft cabin, which represents a major challenge in the instruction for midshipmen, as it is difficult to handle and needs at least 4 people to be operated .

The ship has four main areas: Alcazar Castle, Combes and poop. The aft mast named "Asturias" is in the Alcazar, being in this area which hosts the most important events such as film screenings, small theaters, concert bands, the relays of guards and Sunday Mass. In the area of ​​the Castle are the two 47mm cannons. used to save in the celebrations and is where you perform all maneuvers to anchor. This is where the bowsprit to the mask. Below are the lower decks, toilets and lockers. The fore mast "Almanza" and foremast "White" are in the Combres. In addition there is located the kitchen, nursing, operating room, the bridge, radio stations and weather and quarter loss. Below are the dining rooms. The house with the motor rudder, Palo Mesana name "Nautilus", the manual steering rod, access to housing and davits Commander of whaling (boats for rescue and operation) are in the poop.

The hull is steel, riveted for the most part, with a capacity of just over 600 tons can be at sea for more than twenty days without resupply. The cost price of the boat rose to 45,500 .- euros, which seems little but at that time was a fortune. Invest 22 days, their training trips, to come to America, with different scales, and takes nine months to travel around the world. Inside, live more than 200 crew and a small floating village, including a chapel.


  1. Thanks for the memories! I was priveledged to meet the Officers & crew of the JS de Elcano some 30 years ago. Wonderful men, beautiful ship!

  2. It looks like an amazing ship! That last photo is gorgeous!