Apr 26, 2011

The most stunning images of Earth ever taken from the International Space Station

By on Tuesday, April 26, 2011

 Indian Ocean Maldives
 Pacific Ocean Hawaii
 Aurora Australis, New Zealand
 East coast of Spain at Night
 Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea
 HTV on ISS backdrop East coast of Argentina
 Beaver Lake in Arkansas USA
 East Coast of the USA, with the last light of the day visible on the horizon
 Earth and the stars
 Long Beach California night clouds
 United Kingdom and Ireland by night
 ATV launch viewed from ISS
 ISS solar panels
 French Riviera by night
 Barcelona, Spain by night
 Super Moon
 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
 Moscow, Russia by Night
 Sunset off West Africa
 Sicily, Italy
 Lake Qadisiyah on the Euphrates river, Iraq
 Heart shaped atoll north east of Solomon Islands
 San Quintin Glacier, Chile
 Crete, Greece and Turkey
 Nile River
 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Rio de la Plata
 Cyclone Dianne forms off the north west coast of Australia
 Somali Desert
 Chaco National Park Paraguay
 Parque Nacional Los Glaceres Argentina
 Santiago, Cabo Verde
 The Dead Sea, Israel
 Rio Sao Francisco, Brazil
Sunset reflection in the Caspian Sea


  1. Superb. Witness the Fractal pattern in nature

  2. How much great is his mighty work of redemption in Christ?! Amazing stuff.

  3. God.

    Thinking people should have their faith in god shaken by imagery like this, particularly that shot of the Earth and stars. We live in a time when we are discovering that pretty much everything up to this relative moment in history was us being VERY primitive. You can still find remnants of our super primitive selves in pockets of the globe. Much of the Middle East and Africa have internet access and I still wouldn't buy any story coming out of there of such magnitude as the resurrection. Believing in a supernatural version of God seems a tad ridiculous when everything else in our Universe seems to be natural, including us.

    I believe in a god, but I doubt that what IT really is has nothing to do with a Jesus character. We believe in too much stuff just because it has been around for a while. I think it's much bigger and more beautiful and democratic than any Christian or Islamic or Judeo version of the story. We are still learning too much to stay in the past.

  4. all religions aside - those pictures are really cool.

  5. the arrogance & holier-than-thou-ish attitude of prussic & Brad made me lol

  6. Praise the flying spaghetti monster while your at it.

    It's a disgrace that people still refer to puerile bronze age myths in this day and age.

    'god' indeed! Hah! *shakes head and weeps for humanity

  7. What an awesome Creator of the Universe we have! Praise God!
    All the earth sings of your glory.
    Your mighty hand holds all creation
    One and Only Creator, Star Breather and Maker of heavens, we are yours
    The mighty beasts and creatures of oceans deep eat from your hand
    You allow mankind to explore your heavens
    To see galaxies of eons past and witness the burst of new star birth
    Oceans depth holds creatures various and beautiful, all dependent on your providence
    You create things incomprehensible for your pleasure
    Your glory is seen everywhere. All of life praises you!

  8. Angry, violent etc people and even people content on ripping up the earth and wiping out animal species should be shown such photos.. such a calming feeling to see the beautiful Earth like this.

  9. What? What does this have to do with "god". These are stunning photographs of the planet that we are taking for granted every day. If you TRULY thought this had anything to do with "god", then you would vote for environmental protection and start riding a bicycle and learn how to compost and avoid plastic wrapped products, etc etc etc...