Apr 10, 2011

Chinese Fake Hard Drive

By on Sunday, April 10, 2011

One guy brought this failed 500Gb hard drive to service center because of some problems. When workers of the center opened it they were very surprised, because there was... 128 Mb flash drive inside instead of the 500GB hard drive. The man explained that he bought this fake Samsung HDD in a Chinese store. Be careful what you buy.


  1. why u never check.... aiyo...

  2. well look,
    i know story about this person,
    he tried it out in store and it seems to work!
    BUT they moded USB firmware to act like 500gb hdd, and all files go in the loop!
    So you upload file11 and you upload more files, and when space is low it delete the big part of file11, just few bytes are there so you have filling that file11 is there but if this is a video for example you try to play it and it wont because there is only a small part of file11!

    I hope that you understand my retarded english!

  3. it's the buyers fault...he should have checked the hard drive first before purchasing. there are a lot of stores selling fake but good as original hard drives. they will show you the hard rive first before sealing the case and they can even do the partitions to show you it;s 500gb.

  4. Fine the fukers their store and house, put them in hard labour and once per week in the town square naked locked in irons where people can poke them, laugh and take craps on them... This will raise the standard of the Chinese...

  5. Ha-ha-ha!!! Great! Especially I liked the flash drive between 2 wing nuts. ;-)

  6. And the reason why we should believe that the whole story isn't a fake is...?

  7. Yeah and considering these fakes are make in china, theres some clewer programmers there.

    The reason why those are difficult to inspect is the looping it does. You need file bigger then actuall capasity and even need to run checksum over it once it sits in "HD".