Apr 26, 2011

The most stunning images of Earth ever taken from the International Space Station

 Indian Ocean Maldives
 Pacific Ocean Hawaii
 Aurora Australis, New Zealand
 East coast of Spain at Night
 Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea
 HTV on ISS backdrop East coast of Argentina
 Beaver Lake in Arkansas USA
 East Coast of the USA, with the last light of the day visible on the horizon
 Earth and the stars
 Long Beach California night clouds
 United Kingdom and Ireland by night
 ATV launch viewed from ISS
 ISS solar panels
 French Riviera by night
 Barcelona, Spain by night
 Super Moon
 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
 Moscow, Russia by Night
 Sunset off West Africa
 Sicily, Italy
 Lake Qadisiyah on the Euphrates river, Iraq
 Heart shaped atoll north east of Solomon Islands
 San Quintin Glacier, Chile
 Crete, Greece and Turkey
 Nile River
 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Rio de la Plata
 Cyclone Dianne forms off the north west coast of Australia
 Somali Desert
 Chaco National Park Paraguay
 Parque Nacional Los Glaceres Argentina
 Santiago, Cabo Verde
 The Dead Sea, Israel
 Rio Sao Francisco, Brazil
Sunset reflection in the Caspian Sea

Shock wave

Government offices around the world

Jan Banning was able to capture government officials in the wild, taking pictures in 8 vastly different countries. All of these people may have desks to sit at, but the offices range from plush to just a table outside.

“Bureaucratics is a project consisting of a book and exhibition containing 50 photographs, the product of an anarchist’s heart, a historian’s mind and an artist’s eye. It is a comparative photographic study of the culture, rituals and symbols of state civil administrations and its servants in eight countries on five continents, selected on the basis of polical, historical and cultural considerations: Bolivia, China, France, India, Liberia, Russia, the United States, and Yemen.” – Jan Banning