Feb 25, 2011

2000 as Seen in 1910 (23 pics)

By on Friday, February 25, 2011

Strange, but they were so wrong.


  1. Mohon dukungannya jejaring social nak bangsa original indonesia www.piname.com gabung yah

  2. wow they couldn't even imagine 100 years in the future...

  3. This is awful and naive. This is how will the look on us in the 2100 and our visions of the future. It seems that is very hard to precisely predict the future.

  4. this pictures are real, most of the thing you see on this pics do we have now, but in a another way, for example the first pics with the kids and the books, now got internet,helicopter, airplane that many people can go with, the war cars,

  5. this pics reminds me about jules vernes book Paris in the Twentieth Century

  6. I still want a Dirigible.

  7. Amazing how accurate they were.

  8. Wow, couldn't make out what you were trying to say.

  9. I agree, just naive in context, one cannot slow ones airplane down to grab a drink on the fly, & there are no cops in weird batman contraptions pulling over "Sunday pilots" as they flit about town, etc.
    But in the broad sense, they are almost disturbingly accurate.....

  10. Yes, you are

  11. MP3 players in #1
    MagLev trains in #2
    3D printed buildings (they exist) in #3
    Motorized skateboards in #4
    Robotics in #5
    Robotics in #6 (what's going on under her dress???)
    Talking moton pictures in #9
    Personal aircraft in #10
    Tank warfare in #11
    Robotitcs in #16
    Anphibious aircraft in #17
    Air-sea rescue in #20
    Is that a drone in #22?
    Pretty darn good.

    All that, but they never imagined that electric wires would actually be inside of the walls, instead of tacked on, like they were in 1910

  12. Pic. # 6 a pedicure?.......

  13. But you can have your drink in most airline cabins, Sunday Pilots are regulated out of the sky preemptively; there were only a very few of these that were not immediately translatable to the year 2000.