Jan 7, 2011

Woman Built a Rocket Mass Heater

By on Friday, January 07, 2011

Woman built a rocket mass heater to heat the floor of her yurt, and wrapped copper tubing around it to get hot water.


  1. some text would help explain what these soap-dodgers are up to in each step...

  2. Anonymous its ok, we love you, but not enough to let you in our homes when the zombies attack, peace!!

  3. nice stove. to bad you can follow it there tighty whity, guess you need more granola in your diet.

  4. Very nice job, beautifully told

  5. lol wtf do people feel the need to hate on the people who did this project? If your not interested dont read it, no one forced you to look at these pictures and think in an alternative fashion.

    Also, the more of us that embrace and live like "hippies" as you put it then isnt there more for the rest of you norms to exploit?

    Like devin the dude says, if ya'll dont smoke weed, then theres more for me!.

  6. really nice work. congrat for you all!
    i guess youre feeling really warm the 2 of you :)

    Wish you the best and thanks for sharing..

  7. Good job, builders... how long was the project, start to finish?

  8. Highly impressed!

    Guess I have a hundred questions...

    Materials used, for instance? (I guess cob?)
    Clothing on the yurt?

    I am a builder myself, constantly improving
    the place... and this for sure is inspiring.

  9. Beautiful work. The only people that hate hippies are the folks that know that they don't have the guts to try anything real. They must suckle at the teat of over consumption. They wouldn't know what to do if the tv stopped working for a day.

  10. The only question is why, even in forests, and in cities, from north to south, all over the world....why are there trolls?