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10 Facts to Know About The Glamorous Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wedding

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle set for May 19th is finally here and the world is turning over super-anxious just waiting to see and hear every little detail of what will actually transpire. In the final stretch, many rumors have been flying about here and there about what will happen, who will be there, or even what the dressing code will be? Well, lucky you. You have come to the right place. Here are some top ten facts you may not yet know about the much anticipated royal wedding. Feast your eyes.

1. Meghan Markle is set to be the oldest bride at age 36 when she marries Prince Harry

The oldest royal bride before Meghan, was Kate, who got married to William at age 29. But that seems to put more stretch on the age, right?

2. Prince Harry first asked permission from the Queen if she approved of him marrying Meghan

It is the British rule that the sovereign MUST approve of any and all royal marriages. Prince Harry also asked for Meghan’s mother’s, Doria Ragland, approval if he could marry her daughter.

3. The dress code set for the royal invitation is also quite specific

The men are required to wear a morning suit (coat with tails which would typically be worn with grey striped pants) or lounge suits (coat and tie). Hats, on the other hand, are optional.

4. The female guests and their attire weren’t left behind either

Women are traditionally expected to put on a hat accompanying their day dress. Any sleeveless ensembles will be frowned during the ceremony.

5. Meghan’s wedding ring is made of Welsh gold of the royal reserve

This precious metal comes from Clogau St. David’s mine from Wales. This is a part of tradition which the Queen mother started in 1923 and since then, all wedding rings that have been created for Kate, Diana, Anne and Margaret, and the queen have all been made from this precious metal.

6. Prince Harry personally designed Meghan’s engagement ring

The prince sourced the yellow-gold and featuring a diamond in Botswana personally. The two of Diana’s gems included. Then he had royal jewelers, Cleave and Company make it.

7. Meghan is also set to uphold a royal bridal bouquet tradition which has been in the royal family for generations

Meghan is also set to have a spring of myrtle which is the herb of marriage and love in her bouquet just like Kate and many other royal brides before her.

8. Harry’s side of the family are the ones expected to absorb the entire celebration

It had been confirmed by the Kensington Palace that the Royal Family will pay for all the core aspects of the wedding. Stuff like church service, flowers, the associated music, reception afterwards, and decorations that will follow.

9. Meghan joined the Church of England ahead of the wedding

The soon-to-be princess also took part in another royal tradition; the traditional royal baptism ceremony where holy water from the River Jordan was also poured on her head.

10. Security will be uptight and sufficient

William and Kate’s wedding alone had over 5,000 officers in the streets, snippers and undercover officers who were also dispersed throughout the city. The whole security budget cost an estimated $12 million.

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