Nov 28, 2015

Meme Reveals What Liberals Forget When Using Examples of WWII Refugees

V. Saxena reports Obama threatens the states to give refugees food stamps:
This past Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s crony Department of Agriculture sent a letter to Georgia’s social service agency, threatening to pursue legal action if the state refuses to process food stamp applications from Syrian refugees.
“As long as an applicant submits a SNAP application that includes the applicant’s name, address, and signature, the state agency must accept and process the application to be in compliance with federal law,” an official from the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program wrote.

“As you are aware, State agencies administering SNAP must comply with all Civil Rights requirements and laws. DHS may not discriminate based on age, race, color, sex, disability, religious creed, national origin, or political affiliation. Refusing to accept applications based on a household’s national origin is in violation of these vital requirements.”
The showdown began a week earlier, then Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order instructing state agencies to “halt any involvement in resettling new Syrian refugees,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explained.
According to Breitbart, at least 27 other states also refuse to accept Syrian refugees. The difference appears to be that only Deal has had the guts to make his opposition official via an executive action. Kudos to him!
To see the Department of Agriculture’s disgusting letter for yourself, look below:

What do you think of this?

Those Awkward Moments When You Encounter The Blue Screen Of Death (22 pics)

Aerial Photographs of Coal Mining Pit

According to the Bernhard Lang, a Germany-based photographer and an author of this series, these aerial photographs portrays the biggest opencast coal mining pit in Germany. “It is one of the largest man-made holes in the world, at nearly 1,500 feet deep, and currently covers almost 35 square kilometres. Everything at the mine is at a giant scale: The machines inside, scooping out coal and moving around sand and dirt, are each the height of 30-story office buildings and twice as long as soccer fields.”, says Lang.

The view is astounding and, at the same time, terrifying. It’s really hard to imagine the scale of such coal mining pits and machines operating here.

This Idiotic Tweet Proves Liberals Know Absolutely NOTHING About Basic Economics

 Normally the tweet of some unknown economic illiterate wouldn’t be worth reporting, but the fact that it garnered a combined 21.8k likes on twitter, and 30k shares on Facebook (as of this writing), truly shows how little the modern left understands the basics of the Federal budget.

The tweet in question is below:
 God knows where our friend Luke got his numbers from, as they would imply that universal healthcare and “free” college could be a reality for a cost of $1.25 billion a year.
Roughly $63 billion was spent on tuition in 2012, and healthcare spending hit $3.8 trillion last year.
Unfortunately, I don’t think a 99.99% decline in the prices of healthcare and college will happen anytime soon.

As for the actual cost of Bernie’s proposals, Luke is only off by a factor of about 1800:
Who knows where the $30 billion cost for “a wall” comes from, but the cost of government assistance to illegal immigrants is $113 billion annually.
I think an investment that pays itself off in a little over 3 months may be Trump’s best so far.