Apr 20, 2014

Brilliant Timing Creates Epic Photos (25 pics)

Sit? Stay? Play fetch? Walk on water? This dog can do it all!
Dear Lord, I thank you for all of my fishies. And my adorable face.
Hey, are the girls still looking???
I’m open man! I’M OPEN!
Psht, he thinks he is so cool because he can blow smoke rings…
Best. Stuntman. Ever.
Surf’s up!
You know what they say, three heads are better than one!
SHHH. This is a LIBRARY.
Dude, you scuba dive, too? High five!
Vroom, vroom!
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s totally a bird.
Nice to meet you, I’m Moby.
Not to sound paranoid, guys, but I feel like I’m being followed…
Open wide!
World’s biggest ant or world’s smallest helicopter?
Oh, hello there, I believe that hot dog you’re holding is mine.
Tigers: not nearly as menacing when wet.
Bubbles: a dog’s best friend.
Something wicked this way comes…
I must go, my people need me!
Naptime. It’s happening.
Well, HELLO, ladies.
They put WHAT in this?!

Horrific Public Chinese Hostage Situation (16 pics)

Chinese woman held hostage by a drunk man with a kitchen knife in Kunming on 8 April 2014. He held her for more than an hour.

Apr 19, 2014

The World’s Most Jealous Woman (2 pics)

The Best Selling Video Games (30 pics)

The best selling console games from the last 30 years.