Jul 4, 2015

Rape And Consent Explained In 7 Simple Comics By Alli Kirkham

One of the most controversial points in the modern discussion of rape is consent – by failing to communicate, rapes can sometimes occur without the rapist even understanding what they’ve done or why the victim feels the way they do. Comic artist Alli Kirkham helped clear the question up with a series of 7 comics that illustrate sexual consent issues with everyday situations that are easier for everyone to understand.
For most, the word “rape” conjures up images of shadowy hooded figures sexually assaulting people at night. Violent criminals don’t concern themselves with consent, which covers the uncertain ‘grey area’ that many people are confused about. According to RAINN, an anti-sexual-violence organization in the U.S., 47% of rapists are the victim’s friend or acquaintance and 4/5 of assaults are by someone known to the victim. Men and women need to educate themselves about consent to avoid crossing each others’ boundaries without even knowing it.

1. You are staying until it’s done

2. You said I could have it once

3. You said you liked it

4. You said you wanted it

5. You are my wife and it’s your duty

6. You owe me

7. You are asking for it

Hilarious Meme Shows Exactly What We Need to Ban Next!

Real Clear Politics reports on a survey carried out by liberal groups and interpreted by Stan Greenberg, a Democratic Party pollster. So you have to start by wading through a lot of spin:

Democratic voters are skeptics this summer.
They doubt presidential contenders can deliver favored reforms from Washington, no matter how enticing the policy agendas sound. Those doubts depress enthusiasm about next year’s White House contest and could impact turnout for the eventual Democratic nominee.
Their skepticism doesn’t turn on the idea of a Democratic nominee who would follow a two-term Democrat, President Obama. “It’s because the old political system is uniquely corrupted” in their eyes, Greenberg said. “What matters is how deep the critique people have about what’s happening in the country, both politically and economically.” …
To succeed Obama, a Democratic candidate has to animate secular voters and what Greenberg calls the rising American electorate (unmarried women, people of color, and younger voters). These slices of the population will make up a majority of the total electorate for the first time in 2016, according to the pollster.
Near the end, you come to the point:

The threat comes down to an enthusiasm gap of 19 points between the Democrats who say they are “extremely interested” in the congressional and local races in 2016, and the much more energized GOP voters.
19 points is a huge difference. After 6 1/2 years of Barack Obama, Democrats are dispirited. Not much has gone right, unless you think the absence of gay marriage used to be the world’s biggest problem. Sea level hasn’t changed noticeably, and race relations have rarely been worse. Republicans, on the other hand, are not just energized, but outraged. A lot can happen in 16 months, but I would be surprised if events cause Republican-leaning voters to think the election isn’t so important after all. Therein lies a huge advantage for the GOP.

Politically Incorrect Cartoon Shows EXACTLY What We Can All Expect from Gay Marriage Ruling

From Powerline:
[I]t is worth recalling the observations of Richard John Neuhaus, from his important 1984 book The Naked Public Square:

When the democratically affirmed institutions that generate and transmit values are excluded, the vacuum will be filled by the agent left in control of the public square, the state. In this manner, a perverse notion of the disestablishment of religion leads to the establishment of the state as church…
Our problems, then, stem in large part from the philosophical and legal effort to isolate and exclude the religious dimension of culture…only the state can…”lay claim to compulsive authority.”…of all the institutions in societies, only religion can invoke against the state a transcendent authority and have its invocation seconded by “the people” to whom a democratic state is presumably accountable. For the state to be secured from such challenge, religion must be redefined as a private, emphatically not public, phenomenon. In addition, because truly value-less existence is impossible for persons or societies, the state must displace religion as the generator and bearer of values…
[T]he notion of the secular state can become the prelude to totalitarianism. That is, once religion is reduced to nothing more than privatized conscience, the public square has only two actors in it – the state and the individual. Religion as a mediating structure…is no longer available as a countervailing force to the ambitions of the state…
If law and polity are divorced from moral judgment…all things are permitted and…all things will be done…When in our public life no legal prohibition can be articulated with the force of transcendent authority, then there are no rules rooted in ultimacies that can protect the poor, the powerless and the marginal…
Politics is an inescapably moral enterprise. Those who participate in it are…moral actors. The word “moral” here…means only that the questions engaged [in politics] are questions that have to do with what is right or wrong, good or evil. Whatever moral dignity politics may possess depends upon its being a process of contention and compromise among moral actors, not simply a process of accommodation among individuals in pursuit of their interests. The conflict in American public life today, then, is not a conflict between morality and secularism. It is a conflict of moralities in which one moral system calls itself secular and insists that the other do likewise as the price of admission to the public arena. That insistence is in fact a demand that the other side capitulate…

The founding fathers of the American experiment declared certain truths to be self-evident and moved on from that premise. It is a measure of our decline into what may be the new dark ages that today we are compelled to produce evidence for the self-evident…”

Hillary Lights Some Fireworks, But She’s In For a Surprise! [Cartoon]

From Powerline:
The Daily Mail’s David Martosko takes a bemused look at the subset of surviving Hillary Clinton emails released yesterday. Martosko hits all the highlights.

Martosko notes, for example: “Despite the collective shock inside the D.C. beltway when news surfaced that Clinton had a secret email account, many of Washington’s most influential Democrats were already in on it. Political operative David Axelrod had her email address almost from the start, but claimed just weeks ago that he was unaware of it. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wrote to her at the now-infamous ‘HDR22@clintonemail.com.’”
One senses that the destroyed emails dealt with more important subjects than this survivor: “‘Pls call Sarah and ask her if she can get me some iced tea,’ one message read.” Martosko also notes that Bill and Hillary kept each each apprised of their doings via aides. He draws the inference that they might not be on the closest personal terms.
The email below is a hit on Twitter. It demonstrates Madam Hillary’s high anxiety about her omission from a Cabinet meeting she only heard about on the radio. Business Insider provides the relevant email chain explaining why she needn’t have worried here.
Martosko derives much hilarity from the emails. I am afraid, however, that the joke is on us.

Live With Our Flag…N*ggas': Confederacy Fetishist Sends Alabama Councilman Racist Letter (SCREENSHOTS)

A city councilman in Mobile, Alabama was shocked to discover that he received a horrifically racist letter from one of the “not-racists” who worship the Confederate battle flag. The letter was mailed to Mobile City Councilman Fred Richardson, who posted it to his Facebook page.
“LOVE or HATE: You decide. It came to my office today,” Richardson, who is African-American, wrote. “My personal position is, I love everybody, everywhere, barring none. I’m under orders from God to do so. The umbrella I live under has room for haters.”

The missive, written on a notecard with a Confederate flag sticker affixed, was short, and not-so-sweet:
“We have to live with you n*ggas. So live with our flag.”
The only clue as to the sender’s identity is a return address of 357 Chinaberry Ln in Mobile, Alabama — though some have pointed out that the sender wrote the wrong zip code, so it is likely a false address. “On the envelope it says 36601,” one commenter wrote. “In real life, it’s 36610.”
If, however, the address is correct, this has to have been sent by someone whose “heritage” is one of being the dumbest f*cking “not-racists” in the meth-fueled stable of almost interchangeable men and women who idolize the Confederacy.
Richardson has been inundated with supportive phone calls and messages. “Thanks to all the thousands of you who text me in reference to my post on the confederate flag,” he wrote in a subsequent Facebook post. He explained that he posted the information “to show there are two sides associated with that flag: one group reverence it as part of their rich heritage; the other group clearly has hatred toward the offsprings of those set free after the Civil War.”
” It is past time to let the past go and we all march together toward a glorious future, where all of God’s children are treated with dignity and respect, from sea to shining sea. I love you all, barring none. God, bless America,” he added.
Across the nation, there has been a surge of calls for the Confederate flag’s removal from government buildings — especially the South Carolina statehouse — in the wake of white supremacist terrorist Dylann Roof’s bloody attack on a historic African-American church. Roof, who was regularly photographed posing with Confederate flags, said his mission was to slaughter a bunch of black people and ignite a new Civil War.
Though arguments are made that the flag represents “history” and “heritage” rather than hate (even the Ku Klux Klan markets a number of items that make this claim), a recent poll analysis conducted by the Washington Post revealed the truth: White people who support the Confederate flag are motivated by two factors — a complete ignorance of Southern history, and racism.
While many “not-racists” say that the flag is not representative of bigotry, Confederate “Vice President” disagrees. In his 1861 Cornerstone Speech, he laid out the philosophy behind all things Confederate:
Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.
Perhaps it’s time for flag fetishists to follow the words of their General, Robert E. Lee. After the war was over, Lee told people to fold the flag up and put it away. “I think it wisest not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the example of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife, and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered,” Lee wrote in a letter after he was asked what someone should do with the flag.
We, as a nation, must collectively “fold the flag up” and put it away in the darkest and most shameful corner of our proverbial attic — right next to our New Kids on the Block lunch boxes.

Afghanistan: Men throw acid into girls' faces 'for going to school'

Attackers on a motorbike threw acid in the faces of three teenage girls on their way to school in Afghanistan's western Herat province on Saturday, an official told CNN.
The girls, age 16 to 18, are students at one of the biggest girls' schools in Herat city, the provincial capital, said Aziz-ul-Rahman Sarwary, head of the education department for the province.
All three girls were admitted to Noor hospital in Herat city before their parents took them elsewhere, said hospital head Jamal Abdul Naser Akhundzada.
Two of the girls were in critical condition after the acid was thrown in their faces, he said.
Akhundzada quoted the girls as saying that their assailants were two men on a motorbike.
    "This is the punishment for going to school," the men told the girls after pouring the acid on them, according to Akhundzada.
    Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial police chief, said police were working very hard to find the attackers.

    Cartoons Brilliantly Illustrate How America Has Changed

    Jul 3, 2015

    The Internet Reacts After Asking Siri To Divide 0 By 0 (10 pics)

    The Internet asked Siri to divide 0 by 0 but they just couldn't handle her response.