Aug 30, 2015

EPIC New Meme Destroys The Liberal Narrative On Gun Control Today

Barack Obama won’t be saying, “If I had a psycho son, he’d look like Vester Lee.” But he might as well. Because Vester Lee Flanagan II, the bigoted maniac who murdered the WDBJ reporter and cameraman Wednesday on live TV, was a philosophical offspring of the Left.

It’s well known now that Flanagan was a professional victim, nurturing grudges against all and sundry based on his “status” as a homosexual black man. He had an axe to grind with white women because they supposedly made racial statements to him, and against black men because they supposedly directed anti-homosexual remarks his way. And it didn’t seem as if he liked anyone very much.
Of course, most of the bigotry he perceived from others was in his head, a function of his own prejudice, inculcated via decades of liberal indoctrination. When you dislike others, you view them through tinted lenses and ascribe negative motivations to everything they do. Where a fair-minded individual might interpret a comment as innocuous, simply a misunderstanding or an example of the issuer merely having a bad day, you see malice. “Of course it was racial! That’s the way white people are.” And, “That had to be ‘homophobic’ in this society, which macro and microaggresses against everything that I am!” (of course, certain things are supposed to be stigmatized). These notions, again, were put in Flanagan’s mixed-up head by liberals and liberals alone. They disgorge hateful, pure and utter nonsense such as microaggression theory, “white privilege,” critical-race theory and 1000 other things designed to divide with lies. It is evil.

Flanagan had described himself as “human powder keg,” but what was he so angry about? He lived in the most prosperous nation in the most prosperous time in man’s history; he could walk into any supermarket and avail himself of thousands of delicious foods from the world over at reasonable prices, a luxury that would have made the jaws of people existing in former ages drop. He was living, as we all do, in Shangri-la. But his attitude was hardly inexplicable. …
Some have asked, quite naively, how it is that despite Flanagan’s pathetic performance as a reporter, he was hired by more than one media outlet and given chance after chance to right the ship. Well, golly gee, Cletus, it’s a mystery.
Flanagan was clearly an affirmative-action hire, enjoying the daily-double victim status of being black and homosexual. And that was part of the problem: too much was given to him on a silver platter — because of liberalism. …

It all reminds me of the Satan character’s line in the film The Devil’s Advocate: “Vanity is my favorite sin.” “Pride” is probably even more accurate. But it all gets at the matter’s heart. We don’t need some hard and fast psychological diagnosis here. Whether Flanagan was most correctly characterized as a “narcissist” or just a self-centered, entitled jerk, the bottom line is that his state was attributable to a philosophical disease, a disordered way of thinking that masquerades under an ideological banner:
Of course, liberals will blame guns. This is partially because, unlike with Dylann Roof, they can’t blame Confederate flags or 19th-century statues. But it’s also because they’re incapable of putting the blame where it really belongs: the man in the mirror.
Guns don’t kill people. Liberalism does.

Hilarious New Meme Drops EPIC Truth Bomb That Democrats Just Can’t Handle

College affordability has recently become the preeminent issue in higher education, as student debt figures have hit staggering levels.
A number of prominent Democrats have decried the excessive cost of college, and Hillary Clinton even proposed making college as “debt free as possible.”

But of all the Democrats calling for debt-free college — including US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley — only Bernie Sanders has laid out a detailed plan that explains how he will finance the legislation, Inside Higher Ed reported on Friday.
Sanders will finance his plan by imposing a “Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street,” according to Inside Higher Ed.
In May, Sanders held a press conference in Washington where he called the US government irresponsible for allowing students to incur massive levels of debt to pay for college.
“It is unacceptable that in many instances interest rates on student loans are two to three times higher than interest rates on auto loans,” he told an audience that included student groups and a nurses union.
Sanders unveiled his ambitious College For All Act, which would provide free tuition at all public colleges and universities in the country.
He didn’t mince words over the substantial cost that such legislation would require, estimating that it would cost $750 billion over the next 10 years. And he jumped into how he would finance the plan, striking out at the investment industry while doing so.

“At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, at a time when trillions of dollars in wealth have been shifted from the middle class and working families of this country to the top one-tenth of one percent, at a time when the wealthiest people in this country have made huge amounts of money from risky derivative transactions and the soaring value of the stock market, this legislation would impose a speculation fee on Wall Street investment houses and hedge funds,” he said.
His proposed legislation and tone surrounding Wall Street is certainly not surprising given that Sanders is a self-described socialist. …

Of course, Sanders hasn’t mentioned that the reason why auto loan rates are lower than student loan rates is because of something called collateral. A car can be re-possessed if you fail to make your payments. But if you fail to pay off your student loans, it’s not like anyone can re-possess your brain.
Interest rates are higher when it comes to student loans, then, because there is greater risk involved.
If Sanders gets his way, and rates are forcefully lowered to the level of auto loans, then fewer people will be approved. Under this scenario, higher education will become the exclusive domain of the rich and the elite – i.e. the very people Sanders and his supporters claim to despise so much.

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